Annual Sponsorships

The sponsorship program not only helps EDF raise much-needed funds but also enables us to convey information about the perils of eating disorders to a wide audience.

Your year-long sponsorship allows EDF to offer all of its services free of charge to individuals around the world. Join us as we strive to break the silence surrounding eating disorders and to rebuild lives this illness threatens to shatter.

Our mission

“to be an effective resource in the prevention and elimination of eating disorders through education, support, and advocacy.”

The Eating Disorder Foundation (EDF) was founded in 2003 to meet a long-overdue need in the Denver mental health community, providing free support to those with eating disorders, those in recovery, and their families and friends. EDF has been growing steadily in its dual focus on education (breaking the silence) and support (rebuilding lives).

It is a free, non-clinical resource based in Colorado – one of very few – that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age, income, insurance, health status, weight, diagnosis, race, gender, or sexual identity.

Our impact

In 2023,

  • 2,034 individuals signed up for support groups, compared to just 337 new members in 2018
  • 23 support and discussion groups
  • 376 applications for a peer mentor
  • 30 different countries, plus all 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico
  • 30% of those who sought treatment found their provider through EDF

Our goal is to provide support, resources, and educational services that are vital to the journey called “recovery.’’

Our audience

Our goal is to boost eating disorders awareness and community engagement, aligning with your marketing strategy for measurable results.

  • Our Education and Outreach programs reach up to 20,000 individuals each year
  • 2,609 individuals joined our mailing list in 2023
  • Our average e-blast reaches 12,500 people
  • 100 readers click on a sponsor every time we send an e-blast
  • Each sponsor gets an average of 7 clicks through every e-blast
  • 100% of our sponsors get clicks from e-blasts
  • Our website gets more than 200,000 visits per year

Sponsor us - your way

EDF’s unique Sponsorship Point System allows you to use your sponsorship the way you want.

Want to showcase your organization’s specialties? Want to share information about how your programs can help our community? Want to engage potential customers through social media outreach?

Each sponsorship levels comes with a specified number of points that you can use in whatever way benefits your business. Sponsorship lasts 12 months from your chosen start date, allowing us to align with your marketing strategies.

Content, Education and Social Media Point System:

  • 5 points: signature retreat – our staff will collaborate with your experts to create a two day in-person retreat around a theme of your choice
  • 3 points: signature workshop series* – our staff will collaborate with your experts to create 3 to 4 workshops around a theme of your choice, with customized marketing prominently featuring your brand
  • 3 points: single webpage collaboration – sponsor one page on our site, featuring your expert content
  • 2 points: one blog post on our website, featuring your expert content
  • 2 points: collaborate with our staff on one Instagram Live, TikTok, or YouTube Short
  • 1 point: one image post highlighting your business, shared across all our platforms
  • 1 point: periodic story shares on Instagram, reposts on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook throughout the year

* EDF is happy to collaborate on unlimited workshops with your organization throughout the year. However, non-sponsored workshops may not be free to the community and will use consistent EDF branding

Thank you to our sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors

Shelley Family Foundation

Jonathan & Toni Saiber

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Thank you for considering an annual sponsorship

We are looking forward to collaborating on this journey. You can reach us for any questions or to move forward with your sponsorship.

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The Eating Disorder Foundation is a non-profit organization with tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  (EIN #13-4263816). Your sponsorship is tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law