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You Are Not Alone…

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already struggling with an eating disorder or perhaps you’re concerned about a loved one who is struggling.

EDF offers support groups that have proven invaluable for those with eating disorders, their families and friends. But we also know that eating disorders almost always require the attention of trained professionals and that “self treatment” seldom proves effective. Going it alone usually results in failure and frustration.

It is essential for the person suffering with this illness to get a professional assessment from a practitioner who has been trained in the treatment of eating disorders. We can help you find that practitioner. Once that contact is made, EDF can offer support as a valuable adjunct to your treatment. We’re here for you and for your family, and encourage you not to be silenced by the shame and secrecy that so often surrounds an eating disorder. There’s no shortage of help:

You can choose recovery.