About Eating Disorders

Do You Have an Eating Disorder?

  1. Do you feel guilt and remorse when you eat?
  2. Are you terrified of being overweight?
  3. Do you isolate so that you can eat?
  4. Do you avoid eating when you’re hungry?
  5. Do you continue to eat even after you feel full?
  6. Do you take medication or exercise instead of eating a meal?
  7. Do you weigh yourself at least once a day?
  8. Do you evaluate yourself based on your body size and shape?
  9. Do you eat large amounts of food in a brief amount of time?
  10. Do you feel out of control when you eat?
  11. Do you make yourself vomit to avoid gaining weight?
  12. Do you regularly take laxatives or diuretics to lose weight?
  13. Do you exercise no matter how tired or sick you may feel?
  14. Do you skip meals in order to lose weight or to avoid gaining weight?
  15. Do you diet often?
  16. Do you exercise more than once a day?
  17. Do you hide food?
  18. Do your emotions affect your eating habits?
  19. Are you preoccupied with food or your body size?
  20. Do you avoid close relationships or social activities?
  21. Do you feel as if food controls your life?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you should seek professional help. This screening is NOT a diagnostic tool, and does not replace an official assessment. If you need help finding an eating disorder specialist in your area, please contact us.