Monthly Connections


Monthly Connections

EDF’s community support and education programs are designed to offer a message that reassures all who come through our doors that “You are Not Alone.” EDF has provided a platform to voice struggles and support, to connect individuals and bring about awareness, to shift misinformed opinions and relieve the stigmas associated with these illnesses.

As a bridge between our support groups and our educational workshops, EDF is pleased to offer our new Monthly Connections! These offer a free platform for individuals in the community to have focused discussions on topics that matter to them. The Monthly Connections are structured a bit differently than our support groups and use updated guidelines for sharing respectfully.

You must be at least 18 years old to attend Monthly Connections, with the exception of the Adolescent Monthly Connections.

Binge Behaviors

Third Monday of every month at 4PM MT

Are you an individual over 18 experiencing binge eating, compulsive eating, or other related behaviors? Are you seeking connections and skills in your recovery? You are not alone. Join us once a month to share experiences, learn new strategies. and to explore and discuss different topics and themes. No diagnosis is required.

These discussions are virtual. Please register using the form here.

Neurodivergent Folx

Last Wednesday of every month at 4PM MT

If you are 18+, identify as neurodivergent, and are seeking connection amongst the eating disorder community, please join us! No diagnosis is required or requested. We will meet on the last Wednesday of each month to explore and discuss different topics and themes regarding being neurodivergent and in recovery.

These discussions are virtual. Please register using the form here.

Adolescents 13-17

Second Thursday of every month at 5PM MT

This group is for ages 13-17, addressing body image, self-worth, social media impact, self-care and more. All genders welcome.

This group is virtual.  To register, a parent or guardian of the adolescent seeking support must contact us via phone or e-mail (303-322-3373 or

Health Professionals in Eating Disorder Recovery

Last Friday of every month at 9AM MT

Join The Eating Disorder Foundation on the last Friday of each month for focused discussions on themes regarding balancing recovery while holding a professional identity. This monthly connection intends to provide a confidential and trusting fellowship amongst professionals in the caring professions including doctors, nurses, school counselors, therapists, nutritionists, social workers, coaches & others.

These discussions are virtual. Please register using the form here.