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Free Support Groups

Our support groups are at the heart of the EDF program, providing safe places for those with eating disorders and their families to grow and to learn from one another. These groups not only have helped many who are touched by eating disorders, but also have served as a springboard from which lasting, supportive friendships have grown.

Our groups are facilitated by volunteer counselors and master’s level practicum students. They are there to keep the conversation safe and inclusive. Our groups vary in size because they are drop-in, but are usually around 5-25 people depending on the group.  You will not be forced to participate during the groups, but we hope you will feel EDF is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings.  Groups are accessible to all, regardless of your struggle or diagnosis.  This is not group therapy, but rather a place to get support and build community.

New: the EDF Group Member Connection Group on Facebook! This is a group for our support group members to socialize and connect outside of groups. In order to join, you must be a member of our support groups. Join here.

You must be at least 18 years old to attend support groups other than the Adolescent Support Group. Individuals under 18 are encouraged to call us, or to reach out to us about speaking at their schools.  Sign up for our newsletters to get informed about future workshops for adolescents and teens.


View the support group schedule here

How the virtual groups work:

  • Register and sign our confidentiality statement below
  • We’ll send you a link to the Zoom group – if you don’t receive this e-mail right away, please make sure to check your junk folder!
  • Audio/Video chat with your facilitator and other group members
  • Participate from a computer anywhere!
  • You can even participate from a smartphone using the Zoom app
  • Please make sure you are joining us from a quiet, confidential space

Please note that the confidentiality form is required for all participants.

For confidentiality reasons, we do not allow observers to participate in our support groups. We ask that you do not sign up for groups.  However, we do find education to be of high importance and would happily set up a time to chat with you over the phone about how we run our groups and the services we provide.


Virtual Support Frequently Asked Questions  

  • I’m not from Colorado. Can I still participate? Of course! Our members come from all over the world.
  • Can I log on to a meeting without a computer? Yes, you can log into meetings on your cell phone.
  • Does Zoom cost anything? No, Zoom is FREE – just like EDF!
  • Who will my facilitator be? All of EDF groups are facilitated by volunteer facilitators and sometimes joined by a co-facilitator. For these groups you can expect to see familiar faces who are willing to help us out with Virtual Support Groups.
  • Zoom says the group is locked. What do I do? There may be a few reasons you’re getting this message. 1) You’re trying to enter group too late 2) You haven’t adjusted for time zone differences 3) Group is full.
  • I can’t log in, what do I do? For technical support, e-mail or call 303-322-3373.
  • I can’t join one of these groups, but I still need support. What do I do? If you are under 18 or are otherwise unable to join a virtual group, we are still available by phone and email.
  • Is EDF open? Yes! Staff are accessible during our normal hours by phone and email. We also have drop-in hours in our office.

Are you an individual struggling with an eating disorder? Sign up here instead.