Therapeutic Garden

It is our hope that members of the community can utilize our garden space to improve their mental wellness. We work to create a space that feels welcoming, including areas to relax and eat meals in a safe place; an open green space for yoga; herbs and flowers for soothing and healing; and edible crops to improve personal relationships with food.

We seek to increase awareness of horticulture therapy as a modality for eating disorder recovery and for improvement in mental health for anyone.  The American Horticulture Therapy Association lists benefits such as improved concentration and attention, reduced stress, decreased anxiety, improved mood, and improved social integration and interaction. Garden activities provide sensory interactions with food: touching, smelling, seeing, and even tasting plants in an intimate way. Activities such as yoga or weeding encourage members of the community to move in ways that are gentle and self-loving. We aim to break unhealthy patterns of thought surrounding food and body image through the relationship between the care of plants, self-care, and food preparation.

Flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables are free for members of the community to take home and use. You may occasionally find harvested veggies in our kitchen, or you may harvest your own. Please feel free to spend time in our garden, or to ask a staff member for help identifying plants!

The garden is primarily maintained by a dedicated group of volunteers and staff. Anyone is free to work in the garden at any time, such as before evening support groups, during lunchtime, or on group volunteer days. 

Please be mindful of other people who may use the garden, leaving enough food for others and removing your trash.

Garden Workshops

Each workshop in the garden series will include seasonally relevant gardening activities, discussions, mindfulness activities, and volunteering hours that should be accessible to most levels of ability.

All are welcome – group members, volunteers, parents and friends, mental health professionals, and garden enthusiasts!

Free! Donations are appreciated

Weather may vary, so wear layers and sunscreen!


Have a question?  Interested in using the garden for your own event?  Contact us about the garden at 303.322.3373 or 


IMPORTANT INFO: Please practice social distancing and remain home if you are feeling unwell.   
If you are feeling sick or have concerns about getting sick, please consider our virtual support groups or phone availability as alternatives to in-person activities.


Upcoming Garden Events

In-Person Garden Circle for Individuals 18+ Struggling with an Eating Disorder

This support group is ideal for individuals at least 18 years old who are struggling or in recovery from an eating disorder, disordered eating, or body image concerns.

2nd and 4th Saturdays 10-11 AM

May - August

This group meets outdoors.

Please register using the form here.

Planting a New Garden: Starting from Scratch in Recovery

A recovery journey is a lot like a garden. Sometimes we find ourselves starting over after a dormant winter season; or we may find ourselves planting a brand new garden. Join Kate Daigle MA, LPC, CEDS for a fun and nourishing workshop practicing the concepts of mindfulness while we plant our summer vegetables in the EDF garden. There is no prior gardening or mindfulness experience required to reap the rewards of this workshop.

Weather may vary, so wear layers and sunscreen! This workshop should be accessible to most levels of ability.

When: Tuesday, May 23rd

Time: 5:30-6:30 PM

Who: Everyone is welcome

Cost: Free

Where: The EDF Garden

1901 E 20th Ave

Denver, CO 80205

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