We’re here for you.

Our new support center, A Place of Our Own® is open and ready to welcome you for a
broad range of classes and support groups designed to enhance eating disorder
recovery or for informal drop-in visits for those wishing to talk, find time to be
alone or meet people on the recovery journey.
A Place of Our Own is located at 1901 E. 20th Ave Denver 80205. View Map.

We call it home, and hope you will, too.

A Place of Our Own — the new home of the seven-year-old, Denver-based Eating Disorder Foundation — is dedicated to recovery that centers on developing a rigorous commitment to sustained health, wellbeing and balance. We know that recovery isn’t a destination; it’s a journey.

A Place of Our Own provides an environment in which individuals can find their way through this difficult but deeply rewarding process.

Environment is the key.

A Place of Our Own is a two-story revamped home that houses support and education programs for those who suffer from eating disorders, for their friends and families and for the community at large. The building — designed to be open, free flowing and secure — also serves as headquarters for our staff and volunteers as they continue to develop a broad array of highly effective educational, support and referral programs pertaining to eating disorders.

A Place of Our Own fosters the environment of safety, accessibility and responsiveness that characterizes all EDF activities.

A Place of Our Own has been designed to handle both regularly scheduled activities and drop-in visits from those seeking quiet time alone or looking to build the kind of nourishing relationships that we regard as essential to recovery.

We work together.

For those attempting to recover from eating disorders, isolation can be a powerful enemy. A Place of Our Own helps break down walls of isolation and silence that too long have surrounded this devastating disorder.

So, yes, we have a building that we plan to utilize to its fullest potential. But we also have an approach. At A Place of Our Own, we don’t judge; we connect.