Thank You For Your Support

Stay Tuned for Information on Next Year's Gala

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 6th Annual Icebreaker Gala. Your generosity allows EDF to continue offering free education and support.  Congratulations to this year’s Orly Award recipient, Beth Letourneau, and to Guido Frank for receiving the Greg Hueni award. 

We hope to see everyone again at next year’s gala!

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At this year’s Icebreaker Gala, we raised $101,700 from our special appeal paddle raiser ALONE.  That’s more than $20,000 beyond what we raised last year, breaking all previous records for cash donations at our annual gala.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this huge effort. Please stay tuned as we announce the final numbers from the entire event.

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors:


The Saslow Family


Richard & Martha Caschette

Children’s Hospital

Eating Recovery Center




Saiber Saiber Architecture



The Hueni Family

Jonathan & Toni Saiber

Tom Kearns & Sarah Fisher

PDC Energy, Inc.

Melissa Cheong & Drew Meyers

Jonathan & Toni Saiber

Verne & Andy Singleton

Steve & Nanette Shelley



Queer Asterisk