June 29, 2024 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
The Eating Disorder Foundation
1901 E. 20th Ave. Denver CO 80205

This mobility series is designed to be a supportive way to tune in to your body and ease back into consistent movement. June 29th-Aug 3rd

This is a 6 week series – every Saturday at 9am MT for 6 weeks. Tickets are for the full series.


  • A better knowledge of mobility, stretch tools and techniques.
  • A better connection with sensations in your body.
  • A way to practice listening to your body and responding to it.
  • A better sense of where your body is at the moment.


Week 1 – 6/29/24: Root & Breathe

This session will focus on connecting to the ground, foundation movements and moving with our breath.

Week 2 – 7/6/24: Connect & Reflect

This session will focus on tuning in with our body and how it feels before, during and after gentle movement and breath.

Week 3 – 7/13/24: Move & Groove

This session will focus on moving through our joint’s and their range of motion and exploring how gravity can help us stretch.

Week 4 – 7/20/24: Rock & Roll

This session will focus how to use the room and myofascial release to explore stretching and it’s sensations.

Week 5 – 7/27/24: Contract & Release

This session will use the science of reciprocal inhibition to increase our mobility, but also how to use your body to support your body.

Week 6 – 8/3/24: Ebb & Flow

This session will use all of the tools and techniques to meet our body where it is today and how to support it in the moment.

About the Facilitator:

Abigail Ladd is a health coach, fitness trainer, yoga teacher, and fat lady! She have been working in fitness spaces most of my life, but her relationship with food & movement wasn’t always a healthy one. Shestruggled with an eating disorder for most of her life and sadly that created a disordered relationship with fitness.

In recovery, she not only had to heal her relationship with food, but I also had to rediscover a healthy relationship with movement, which is no easy task in our fitness culture of “no pain, no gain.” It was a slow and intentional process. It involved a lot of self-compassion, permission, and an anti-diet & Health at Every Size approach.

It is now her life’s mission to help others make sustainable changes to their life while healing their relationship with food and movement. She is committed to reducing barriers to access and making health & fitness spaces more inclusive, welcoming, and completely shame-free!