November 16, 2021 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

For many, the holiday season may inspire the joy of quality time with loved ones and gratitude for a new year. But for those navigating eating disorder recovery, difficult emotions may arise. During this one-hour presentation, Equip’s mentorship leaders will provide practical tips and tools for having a happier holiday season by participating in a recovery-supportive way.

JD Ouellette is the Director of Mentorship at Equip. She is an educator turned Family Mentor whose youngest child developed anorexia in 2012; they received cutting edge, evidence-based treatment at UC San Diego, igniting JD’s passion to ensure all families have access to evidence-based care. JD is active in online family support communities, writing, and speaking at conferences. She is also a past board member for FEAST.

Maris Degener is the Peer Mentorship Manager at Equip, where she currently oversees all Peer Mentors. After recovering from anorexia as a teenager, Maris became passionate about harnessing her lived experience to support others suffering from eating disorders. Maris shared her story in the documentary I Am Maris, available on Netflix, to spread the message that full recovery is possible and destigmatize talking openly about mental health challenges. Maris studied psychology at UC Santa Cruz.

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