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Eating Disorders are serious and complex illnesses that require the attention of trained professionals. Although there may be the desire, it is almost impossible for “self treatment” to be effective; in fact, trying to go it alone will likely result in repeated failures, adding to the frustration and despair. Early detection and intervention will definitely increase the chance of full recovery. It is essential for the person with the illness to get a professional assessment first, from a practitioner trained in eating disorders. The first phone call is the hardest part, but there will be an amazing sense of relief and hope once this important step is taken. Remember, this illness thrives on secrecy and shame; so, eliminating them is the first victory in the battle. There is no reason to feel shame; this is no one’s “fault.”

The same rules apply to family and friends: seek the help of a professional before you try to tackle the problem alone. If you don’t know one, ask your family doctor or a clergy person to help you find one.

For information on Private Practice Individuals, Group Practices, and Treatment Centers that are part of our Professional Membership Program, see the “Treatment Directory” page.

We are here to assist and support you in finding the help you need. All you need to do is ask so please contact us and we’ll take it from there.

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